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Guys (pics)

this is just stuff about myself.

yay heres the exciting news about gabi!  joking.  well, im a youngin, only 14.  i attend southwest highschool.  so far it isn't great, and as far as im concerned it wont get any better.  i have a lot of friends but not a lot of really really good ones.  the really really good ones include sarah, jd, alyssa, tiffaney, tisha, and zach g.  i used to play the guitar, and in a way still do, just i haven't picked it up in a while.  my most recent self is getting in trouble.   im on diversion so that takes out a lot of fun.  on the positive side, this summer i went to europe.  i visited france, spain, italy, monaco and the vatican.  yeah.  i dont believe in god but i am at church a lot.  im pretty much a C+/B- student.  guess thats average.  i've lived in lincoln, nebraksa my whole life.  the longest i've ever been away from home is 3 weeks and one day.  i like to spend as much time away from home as possible.  hm, i dont like ketchup or most other condaments.  lets see, that includes manaze, miracle whip, mustard, ranch, any other dressing, and almost every other sauce you can find.  my favorite food is either pizza or augrotten potatoes.  i love music.  i find its the only thing that keeps me going during the day.  my favorite bands are like afi, the used, taking back sunday, silverstein, hawthorn heights and catalyst.  kind of interesting selection.  but really, i like a lot more music than that just those 5 bands i've been listening to alot.  i dont have a job, nor have i ever had one but im looking for one.  i have 4 brothers and sisters.  1 passed away 11 and a half years ago.  my parents and i dont get along (like most out there).   im not alowed to do half the things i do, but i do them anyway, thats why i am grounded most of the time.  i dont get to buy a lot of stuff alot these days because i buy everything myself so when i buy something new i really do appreciate it and i get mad if i or someone else reuins something worth while.  i have an odd habbit of looking up song lyrics.  i have another odd habbit of cutting out magazine clippings/letters and making friends cards, or collages or decorating notebooks and folders, stuff like that.  im really organized in my mind but phycially im not.  i just got over from being sick.  my favorite color is red and i like 4 guys, but im not the type to make a big deal about it.  i normally wear blue, black or red.  my favorite pop is dnl or cola.  this summer i had the summer of my life.  but because of it, my parents dont trust me, and im not allowed to hang out with the people who i hung out with anymore.  i hung out with people on the north side of lincoln the whole time, and i live on the south side.  point being that summer is a huge part of me, and without knowing that you dont really know me.  i have many insiders  from that summer and that summer changed my life.  my dream is to see davey havok in the grocery store and having hot passionate sex against the refridgerator in the church.. lmao.  im jokin.  but yeah.  i think i want to grow up and become a hairstylist, or get into business.  its halerious though, the story behind me wanting to get into business.  my geoscience teacher and i have a strange bond.  like he yells at me for talking, but yet he loves me because i have this "sense of humor that most ppl dont have.." thats why he thinks i'll be good in business.  but then he also says i am a really strong leader and have a lot of followers, and if i told a random person to jump of a bridge they would, and that i am cruel and blah blah.  i dont agree with it, but theres an outsiders opinion.  a lot of people do think im funny though i guess.  i dont like to fight with people at all... and uh i dont know.  lol.  but um i think i told you enough random stuff about myself.  if you read this all i applaud you.

what do i look like?  well.. i have brown hair, and brown eyes.  i am a bit on the tanner side.  my background is german/ native american.  if you can imagine that.. i am short though 5'3.  im like mediumed sized just cuz i am pretty sure that crossed ur mind.  the other day i figured out how to get my pics from my digital camera onto a website.  so soon i will get a pic of me up here.